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Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Panels

Doors & PanelsFancy Kitchens offers a wide range of kitchen cabinet doors and panels including:

Melamine Colour Panels

Melamine is the most popular medium used for doors and panels. It is the most versatile and comes in the largest range of colours, textures and finishes. Melamine can be used to create sleek modern looks with its straight edges and clean lines or add warmth with its wooden textures and patterns. It is moderately priced and can even be done in high gloss finishes to great effect.

Vacuum Formed Panels

Vacuum formed doors and panels are highly suitable for those concerned about the maintenance and longevity of their kitchen. It is highly durable and can be formed to various design profiles. Vacuum form is the most superior medium for moisture resistance and the vinyl finish is highly scratch tolerant and easy to clean. It can be formed into classic Colonial profiles or Shaker doors and Bolection moulds while offering textured, satin or gloss finishes.

Polyurethane Doors

Nothing speaks class and elegance like polyurethane finish on kitchen doors. Available in all the colours of the rainbow, this product is often seen in the most fashionable European designs. It can be applied to any door profile and comes in either Satin or High Gloss finishes.

Solid Timber Doors

Give your home a country feel or just simply give your kitchen timeless grace and character by using solid timber doors. Natural timber is known to age with time giving it a nostalgic charm much like antique furniture. They are available in a variety of Australian plantation timber species to match your individual tastes and come in either gloss or semi gloss clear lacquered finishes.

Timber Veneer Doors

Timber veneer is another European design trend which is gaining in popularity. Timber’s naturally soft feel can be used to create warmth in a modern design landscape of cold, hard surfaces. It comes in a variety of imported and local species and can be finished in soft lacquer or clear polyurethane.

Aluminium Framed Doors

Aluminium framed doors can be used to defy natural and conventional surfaces while still retaining a softer look with a touch of sophistication. Married with internal lighting these doors can create stunning effects. Aluminium framed doors can have an array of inserts from toughened glass to Perspex and even laminated or coloured panels. They also come in a variety of frame styles.

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